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Boost Your Direct Bookings in 2018: 3 Simple Tips

Now, if you are already smashing it and don’t have any availability for 2018, you can skip this post. Congratulations! […]

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Picture of the side of an old building that is Hotel Governor.

Why you need to be investing in CRM for your hospitality business

Within the last few years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been a buzzword in the hospitality sector. But what is […]

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Attention Elle Darby, this is NOT how you approach a Hotel when you want to work with them - Influencer Marketing

At the expense of social media influencer/Vlogger, Elle Darby, I wanted to share my thoughts about the right way to […]

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How to Use Text Messages to Improve Your Hotel’s Marketing

Most people in the business world are already aware that text messaging can be a valuable tool for retailers, but […]

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Podcast: Stages of the Booking Process: Plan

The second season of the Boost Hospitality Marketing course is all about working with small independent hospitality owners, helping them […]

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Person writing in notebook with a phone in the other hand

Podcast: Stages of the Booking Process: Research

In this episode, we are talking about the second stage of the booking process, which is research. We are going […]

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Road leading to two options

Podcast: The next step of the Booking Process is all about Deciding where to go

The next episode is about deciding. This is where the guest has done their planning, they’ve found a website where […]

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Close-up of a MasterCard Credit Card

Podcast: Stages of the Booking Process: Booking

This episode is all about the actual booking process. If you and your booking engine mess this up now, then […]

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Sad man looking out window where there's snow

Podcast: Stages of the Booking Process: Buyer’s Remorse

This episode is about Buyer’s remorse. Buyer’s remorse is when you’ve done all the hard work, your property has stood […]

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10 Of The Best Social Media Tools for Small Hospitality Businesses

  Social media tools are a great way to acquiring customers. Except that it is no longer merely all about […]

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52 Tips to Attract More People on Your Website

Creating a website is quite easy, the real challenge hides in the strategy of how would you make it more […]

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The A-Z Guide On Guest Incentives

How do you encourage guests to book directly? You can offer all the discounts, you can give away free nights, […]

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GDPR explained in simple terms for hospitality owners

What it could mean for the hospitality industry What is GDPR? Wikipedia tells me this – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

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Why the AA and Visit Britain aren't relevant anymore

Are you using the AA or Visit Britain? Click Here Ten years ago, if you wanted to see a hotel […]

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Priceline group under investigation by the CMA

What is the future of and Expedia following the CMA investigation?

Boost Your Direct Bookings Following the news that Hotel booking sites are to be probed by the UK’s competition watchdog […]

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A picture of streaming car lights on a highway.

Improve Your Site Speed To Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate

  Learn how to boost your direct bookings Do you find that when people visit your website, they leave within […]

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Someone writing a to-do list

How To Make Your Listing Stand Out From The Rest On TripAdvisor

Learn how to boost your bookings A recent blog by TripAdvisor really stood out to me. Take a read, so […]

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Late Rooms Logo

How To Get A Higher Ranking & More Bookings On Late Rooms

Boost your direct bookings Get your act together on Late Rooms If you didn’t know, Late Rooms is the littler […]

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The Pros and Cons of working with the OTAS

Want to boost your direct bookings? As a hospitality accommodation owner, it is very difficult to escape the influence of […]

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Picture of a neon sign shaped like a dollar sign.

How To Beat The OTAs & Get Those Bookings

Do you want to gain more booking? CLICK HERE  OTAs have increased their ad spending enormously, but there are ways […]

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3 Things You Must Include When Tagging Your Photos For Google Search

Do you want to get your photos show on Google? CLICK HERE **NOTICE** This is a blog discusses advanced material […]

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Online Reviews Are Crucial In Order To Land More Bookings

How NOT To Respond To Online Reviews

Do you want to know how to respond to online review? CLICK HERE Online Reviews Can Help Or Hinder Your […]

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Guest Experience Is Most Important For Loyal Customers

Have you ever wondered why a guest returns to see you? CLICK HERE The guest experience is more important than […]

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Are Loyalty Programmes Dead?

How Instant loyalty programmes work? CLICK HERE Of course they’re not, they are just evolving! Gone are the days where […]

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9 Proven Ways To Make OTAs (Online Travel Agents) Work For You

How to optimize your OTA profile? CLICK HERE The OTAs are powerful, so use that to your benefit! Getting involved […]

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4 Hotel Marketing Tips for Better Google Search Results

How hotel marketers boost their brand! CLICK HERE Google offers a variety of different services such as Google My Business, […]

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11 Things To Look For In A Hotel Booking Engine Provider

Why booking engine provider is important? Click here The right Hotel Booking Engine Provider can make your life easy and […]

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What is actually in an OTA contract for your hospitality business

  Do you want to make work for you? There’s a growing tension occurring between hotel owners and Online […]

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Want to know how to use Google analytics to fix your website

A beginners guide to Google Analytics for the hospitality industry

  Do you want to know about Google Analytics for your hotel? I recently asked a question to the hospitality […]

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How To Hack Trivago To Get More Bookings

how to hack Trivago to get more bookings? Read on to discover how to hack Trivago to get more bookings! […]

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Google Business Listing

How to Automate the Booking Process

Want to boost your direct bookings? Recently we have been working on an automated time-saving system which could potentially help you […]

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The Pros and Cons of the The Genius Programme


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What influences the public, it's no longer tv ads, billboard or ads in a magazine, it is bloggers, social media people and local website personalities

Why you should be using influencers to help with your hotels marketing

You want to know about influencer to help you hotels marketing? click here Influencers.  Put in simple terms, influencers are […]

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Promote Your Hotel or Guesthouse Through Video!

Want to boost your hotel bookings through youtube? click here Kristian Arnold is a local freelance videographer/editor in Whitby.  His […]

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How Trivago Can Help Boost Your Hotel's Direct Bookings

Want to know how to hack trivago to get more bookings? click here Trivago is becoming hugely popular as of […]

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ebook download showing you how to get more bookings

Step Five of the Five Steps of a Guest Booking Process

Let me show you how to boost your direct bookings **THE FINAL STEP of the GUEST BOOKING PROCESS**   We […]

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Step Four of the Five Steps of a Guest Booking Process

Learn how to boost your bookings The most crucial step of the guest booking process yet. This is what Expedia […]

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Step Three of the Five Steps of a Guest Booking Process

Want to boost your direct bookings? Okay, it’s time. Step numero 3!   Once again, are talking about the five […]

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Step Two of The Five Steps of a Guest Booking Process

Let me show you how to boost your direct bookings Time for step number two of the guest booking process. […]

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Step One of The Five Steps of a Guest Booking Process

Learn how to boost your bookings There are 5 steps to the guest booking process. I’m going to walk you […]

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